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11) Can I install your wallpaper myself?

The finish achieved by a professional paperhanger is to be desired, but yes, you can hang paper yourself, whether it is a production roll or one of our hand-printed wallpapers. However if you are doing this yourself then we recommend that you prepare thoroughly before you commence and read up on how to hang wallpaper. Our papers are all Paste-the-Wall papers, rather than paste the paper, which does make things easier, use of a good quality ‘ready mix’ paste to do this.

If you have commissioned wallpaper using a specialist paper we advise you to consider having the paper professionally hung.

N.B. Care should be taken to inspect the paper after 2 or 3 drops have been hung. Interactive Wallpaper cannot accept responsibility to entertain claims after completion of hanging.

12) Should I use a lining paper?

The use of a lining paper improves the final ‘look’ of the wallpaper and depending on the thickness of the lining paper used it can assist in creating a smooth surface. Cross lining, which is a technique professional paper hangers often use to achieve a good finish is when the lining paper is hung horizontally under the vertically hung wallpaper.

13) How easy is it to remove wallpaper?

Our ‘Paste-the-wall’ wallpapers peel off easily. Lift the paper from the bottom of the wall and peel it off the wall in an upwards direction.

14) Sizing

Sizing is a term used to describe sealing a newly plastered or repaired wall in preparation for applying wallpaper The size is normally a diluted solution of wallpaper adhesive applied to the wall and allowed to dry, prior to applying the main paste and wallpaper.

15) Return of unused wallpaper

If the wallpaper roll is unopened and from one of our production ranges, then you can return this to us at your expense, within 7 days of receiving your order and we will refund the price of the unused roll.

We do not accept return of unused commissioned/hand-printed rolls of wallpaper as the amount printed will be specific to the amount of area you have commissioned from any remaining wallpaper and us is not likely to be significant.