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Introduction to Screen Printed Textiles

An introduction to screen printed textiles, covering the basics of pigment fabric printing with the opportunity to screen print samples.

Ideal for all abilities and especially suited to aspiring textile students or return to print individuals looking for an overview of the process. You can pre-send artwork or use ready-made pattern screens. 


Fabrics produced can be used for projects or in coursework/portfolios. Materials are provided including inks and cotton fabrics. 

  • Level: All
  • Duration: 1 day
  • Location: Bonningate, Kendal
£60.00 £ / 50.00 conc.

Materials you may need...

Rachels Recommendation RK_5b_img1

Chinese Flower, Clear

35cm, 7 Colours £22.00 View details

Chinese Flower, Frosted

35cm, 6 Colours £22.00 View details

Chinese Flower, Frosted

21cm, 6 colours £10.00 View details